Custom-Tailored Solutions

Studio, by PeakMetrics, provides turnkey solutions for enterprise organizations, NGOs, and government to measure public sentiment and drive insights from news, social media, TV/radio, broadcast and more.
End-to-End Media ETL Pipelines
Custom Machine Learning Models
Data Viz + Reporting

We deliver media analytics at scale

Studio combines PeakMetrics' world-class media ingestion and analytics capabilities with a personalized team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, analysts, and project managers to support your business insight needs.
Social media and news articles aggregated within the last year
Years of experience building machine learning models, NLP, and streaming media processing solutions.

Solving the world's most complex media questions

By combining leading technology with engineers and analysts, we collaborate with your team to deliver custom solutions for your media analytics needs.

Powerful Data Feeds

We tap into PeakMetrics' years of R&D developing media ingestion services to deliver one of the world's most relevant and robust media datasets.

Collaborative Team

We assemble a team of engineers, designers, analysts, and data scientists with the ideal background for your goals.

Powerful Reporting

We work with you to deliver the best reporting for your goals -- whether it's an email, a PDF, a dashboard, or integration into pre-existing systems.

Prior Experience

Our company has experience developing media analytics solutions for the advertising, legal, government, and financial sectors.

Recent work includes:
- Supporting data for a non-profit research institution studying global poverty narratives within the US
- Tracking/identifying misinformation for a large state during the 2020 election
- Developing a custom solution for identifying disinformation for a multi-agency government team.

We're ready to help!

We offer end-to-end services that are built for you. Reach out to learn more about how we support your needs.
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